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Furnace Repair

Keeping it warm in Indiana for the past decade! It’s not fun to wake up freezing on a cold winter night. If you haven’t left your window open, then you are probably experiencing a furnace problem. You can count on Crawfordsville HVAC to bring the heat to any nearby residential or commercial area. With so many years of experience, you can count on our HVAC professionals to correctly assess, diagnosis, and fix your furnace in a timely manner. If you discover a failing furnace before it actually stops working, then Crawfordsville can have your furnace repaired or replaced before you have to wait in the cold! We offer flexible scheduling for our heater repairs to help avoid this. Our family-owned business is committed to excellence and providing the highest quality products to replace, install, maintain, restore, or repair your furnace to ensure a warm winter and prolong the life of your HVAC system. Our qualified HVAC specialists combine effective installation techniques and energy saving solutions to ensure your heating system for your home or business will function properly and efficiently. From repairs to total system replacements, Crawfordsville HVAC is equipped to handle any problem you are having.

Local Heating Repair Service

Call Crawfordsville HVAC today at (765) 678-6825, if you see any of these warning signs your furnace is failing:

  • Strange Noises– No not hearing voices. Strange voices caused by your furnace. Strange pops and squeaks may indicate something is loose and your furnace needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Cold Air– Your furnace is blowing cold air. This is a warning that you need a furnace repair. It could be a sign that your blower fan isn’t working right. This creates cold spots in the house.
  • Dust– An unusual amount of dust coming from your furnace vents despite filter changes. Your furnace is unable to clean your air.
  • Age– Furnaces last 15-20 years and may need a furnace replacement soon if older than this.
  • Yellow Pilot Light- located inside front panel of your furnace. If yellow, this indicates you may have a carbon monoxide, a poisonous gas, can be leaking from the heat exchangers.
  • Increasing Heating Bills- If your heating bills have dramatically increased despite no change in usage, this may indicate a furnace problem requiring our HVAC experts.

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Not every furnace problem needs a professional’s help. If you think your furnace stopped working, feel free to check these areas to help save you some money.

  • Be sure to check to be sure that your furnace is getting power and that no circuit breakers were tripped.

  • Double check that the switch is turned on to power the furnace. Sometimes the switches accidentally get switched off on the side of the furnace and sometimes there is a bigger problem.

  • Check your thermostat settings. My parents just called me about this one. Such an easy fix. Be sure you selected the correct setting heat versus air conditioning. It seems obvious to check this, but its small details that get missed sometimes.

  • Furnace Filter may be full of debris. If your furnace isn’t blowing as it normally does, it may need to be changed. These filters need to be changed every three months. As dust, hair, and other particles in the air fill the filter, it gets full of debris. This obstruction actually restricts air flowing through your furnace system.

If you are still not sure what the problem is, call our furnace repair specialists at (765) 678-6825.

Crawfordsville HVAC is a family owned company that has your interests at heart. We provide only the best technicians to diagnose your furnace and find the best solution to your needs. We have extensive knowledge in furnace repairs and furnace replacements, so if one or the other is needed, you are in great hands. Our HVAC specialists can handle any heating emergency. We provide Crawfordsville home and business owners the ability to keep their environments comfortable and warm.

We can provide different repair options aimed at extending the life of your HVAC systems. Let’s keep things warm this winter, don’t wait till its cold inside. If your home isn’t as comfortable as you would like, don’t wait till the furnace quits altogether. Call Crawfordsville HVAC now at (765) 678-6825, and we will keep you warm. We service all electric furnaces and gas furnaces. Our licensed technicians will make sure things are running efficiently and that you can get the desired temperature from your heating system.

Heating Repair Service

Local Heating Repair Service

Maintenance care. Having your HVAC system maintained by Crawfordsville HVAC will prolong the life of your heating system. In addition, a well-maintained furnace can lower your energy bill and put money back where it belongs in your pocket. You can trust our heating technicians to restore, repair, maintain, replace, or install an effective heating system to ensure long-lasting indoor heat.

If you are having a heating emergency, call Crawfordsville HVAC anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (765) 678-6825. We are Crawfordsville’s goto Heating Repair Service.

Crawfordsville HVAC has been providing professional heater repair, heater maintenance, and furnace installation for decades. Our experienced HVAC technicians are equipped to work on all makes and models of furnaces. We perform excellent work and provide the best customer service. We will trea you like family and get your repair fixed on the first visit.

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