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Air Filtration

Air Filtration

Air filters are a critical part and the first line of defense for your HVAC system.  We can’t stress the importance of changing your air filters and keeping them clean. They filter out dust and pollen that circulate and lower your indoor air quality.  As simple and inexpensive as an air filter is, they are still the number 1 cause of HVAC failures.

All the air in your home passes through an HVAC system air filter when the system is running.  There are many things that your air filter catches… dust, mold and fungal spores, pet dander, fabric fibers, etc. As your air filter does its job, it collects all the pollutants and becomes thicker, heavier, and denser.  This means that if you don’t change your air filter regularly, air can’t pass through as readily and your HVAC system has to work harder.

When To Change Your Air Filter

We recommend changing your air filters at least every three months.  If you’re a pet owner or have allergies this is especially important for you. Changing an air filter is a very simple task and they are generally inexpensive. Most of the time this is a one person job and takes only a few minutes.

Check your HVAC system’s documentation to determine what size of filter you need. You might need to research what minimum efficiency reporting value (MERV) range the furnace should fall into.

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Air Filters, Furnace Filters & AC Filters

What’s the difference between an HVAC filter, a furnace filter, and an AC filter? Absolutely nothing. What you call it depends on where you live. People up north might call it a furnace filter, down south air conditioner filters. Just know, no matter what you call it, it’s simply an air filter.

What Does an Air Filter Do, Exactly?
Air filters work much harder than you might think. They reduce pollen, smoke, pet dander, bacteria, dust, mold dust mites and more. There are different qualities and different filtering available.  You can get replacement air filters that are just right for your home’s needs.

Air Filter Rating System
Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) is a standard that rates the overall effectiveness of air filters. Higher value MERV rating equates to finer filtration, meaning fewer dust particles and other airborne contaminants can pass through the filter.

Do Filter Materials Matter?
Absolutely materials matter. Not all types of filters operate the same. Fiberglass filters capture large particulates. They are very sturdy but rank low on the ratings.  On the other hand, carbon filters get rid of odors so your indoor air remains fresh.

Are there Benefits to a Furnace Filter?
They provide clean fresh air for your home.  They can keep you safe from allergens and bacteria.  Furnace Filters do this by filtering harmful particulates. Home air filters protect your HVAC system but need to be changed regularly. Your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard if it’s pulling air through a clean filter.

All the Home Air Filter Sizes
There’s no such thing as a standard size air filter. If you were to visit one of the big box stores, you’d find that they stock over 1500 different air filters.

See the Difference?


It is very important that you change your air filters.  We recommend every 3 months.  That might seem excessive, but it’s not.  Your air filters do so much to improve your indoor air quality.  Also you HVAC depends on these filters.

Whole House Air Purifier

Whole House Air Purifier

All HVAC systems come equipped with air filtration devices. Most of these air filters fall short of really cleaning the air. Even the best High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) air filters only around 90% of suspended solids.

Arcoaire Air Purifier

Enjoy clean air with our high-efficiency air purifier that treats 100% of the air flowing through your home’s HVAC system. Our whole house air purifier is ideal for any home. Especially for homeowners sensitive to pollen, pet dander, and other air irritants. It features silent operation and the patented ability to not only capture unwanted pollutants but kill or inactivate many of them as well.

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Whole House Air Filtration

Homeowners are getting educated about the importance of indoor air quality. Whole house air filtration is becoming more popular. There is obviously a need for quality air purification. These filter systems can be incorporated into almost any HVAC system. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, we recommend adding a whole house air filtration system. These systems can virtually eliminate allergens, bacteria, and dust as much as 100 times than a conventional air filter. Let the HVAC professionals at Crawfordsville HVAC tell you more about selecting the right system for your home. Whole house air purifiers are powerful tools when it comes to improving indoor air quality. They create a comfortable and healthier indoor environment.

Whole House Air Purifier