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Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Air Conditioning Tune-Up

We get this question all the time: Is an air conditioner tune-up necessary? Well, the answer is no, they are not absolutely necessary. There is a chance that your AC will run just fine all summer and not need any repairs. An air conditioner tune-up would catch any minor problems before they turn into a major one. However, this is our question to you: Is “just fine” good enough? Is your comfort, energy efficiency, even your warranty, worth risking? Many homeowners don’t think about their air conditioner until it stops working. We know that ac tune-ups are not necessary, but as an HVAC professional do we recommend them? Yes absolutely! We highly recommend at least an annual ac tune-up.

An air conditioning tune-up will improve your home’s comfort level. They also improve the reliability of your AC system. If your air conditioner is running optimally, it can help to lower your energy bills. Our HVAC professionals will perform a thorough inspection of your air conditioner both inside and out.

Think about a spring tune-up as a head start for your air conditioner. If your system has not been running for several months, can you expect it to run at peak efficiency once you need it again every day? Summer time is rough on AC Systems. It’s a long period of heavy use for your air conditioner. Give your system a head start by making sure it’s ready. If you don’t believe in tune-ups, you’ll run the risk of having lower operating efficiency or even a break down that would have been preventable.

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AC Tuneup 

AC Tune ups cost less than a repair job… A very common question we hear all the time is an HVAC tune up worth it?  Absolutely…

No HVAC company can guarantee that your air conditioner will break down if you skip your ac tune-up. Our years of experience tell us that if your air conditioner does malfunction, the repair will cost more than a tune-up would have.

Tune-ups can’t stop all AC problems from happening. We do know that 50% of cooling problems could have been prevented by annual maintenance. Yep – that was 50%.  We tell our guys to go straight down the air conditioner tune up checklist.

During a tune-up, we can detect small problems. This allows us to catch and fix them before they become big problems. Obviously, this saves you the higher cost and inconvenience of ac repair down the road.

When we perform an AC Tune-up, we check and clean the condenser coil, calibrate the thermostat, check your refrigerant levels, examine and tighten all electrical parts, and analyze the blower (belt and motor). Our technicians really dig into your system to make sure that it is 100%.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Air Conditioning Maintenance

AC Tune-Up and Professional Cleaning

The condenser coils are very important.  Uncleaned coils can decrease energy efficiency by 35 percent. This means much more power and money is required to cool at the same rate as a system with clean coils. We perform Comprehensive cleaning of the condenser coils.

Check refrigerant.  We will evaluate the coolant level which helps maintain peak operating performance.

A full calibration of your thermostat to verify proper operation.

Lubrication of all moving parts to eliminate friction that can increase your energy costs.

Inspection and tightening of all electrical connections.  This insures that there are no loose connections which lead to burnt wires, and failed parts.

Comprehensive inspection of the blower, blower motor, and blower belt.

This list is just a few of the standard checks that should be performed by a reliable HVAC technician. Crawfordsville HVAC offers a complete Tune-up to help ensure your system is operating efficiently and reliably.

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We offer free estimates and exceptional warranties. Remember Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance is important to keep your ac running.

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